Board of Directors

Currently the Park to Park Trail Association has an active Board of Directors providing guidance and support to the staff and volunteers of the Park to Park Trail.  The board consists of community members from across the Park to Park region, from Carling to Huntsville to Kearney.  We are fortunate to have representation from six municipal councils, two snowmobile districts, as well as local businesses and non-profit organizations.

If you are interested in becoming involved please contact us at for more information.

Jack Tynan (Chair)
Bill Park
Andrew Ryeland (Secretary)
Steve Jemmett
Ron Walton
(Township of McMurrich/Monteith) 
Sid Larson
Doug McCann
(Town of Parry Sound)
Dale Graves (Seguin Township)

Norm Hofstetter
Dan Armour
Gavin Courvoisier
Dave Stewart
Darrin O'Brien
Brent Stapleton
Don Berry
Les Purcell
Nick Ryeland
Brent Stapleton


Peter Searle, General Manager