The Parry Sound area is home to the Park to Park head office and the trail heads so some of the best known trails in the Park to Park network, including the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail (known locally as the Fitness Trail) in Parry Sound, the Rose Point Trail in Seguin Township and the Seguin Trail, the best known of all our trails.

In addition there are some lesser known trails in the region, including the recently completed Muskiig Trail which travels through the wilds of Carling Township and the Guncotton Trail, the newly built trail along side Nobel Road (formerly Highway 69) through the village of Nobel, former home to the CIL Plant, which manufactured explosives, including guncotton and Cordite during both World Wars.


A 15km rolling single-track style trail following the original Shawnaga Colonization Road between Carling Station and the Dillon Road. This trail is owned and maintained by Carling Township.

  • Trail Head: Access from Carling Station Road, where the trail crosses the train tracks or from Shawnaga Road S. (first right on Dillon Road after it separates from Hwy 559).
  • Amenities: None
  • Parking: At both trailheads, small areas (3-4 cars) can accomodate vehicles with trailers.
  • Ideal Uses: Mountain biking, dirtbikes, ATVs



    A 5km twinned trail through the village of Nobel, with a paved walking/cycling trail to the east side of Nobel Road (formerly Hwy 69) and a gravel motorized (ATV and snowmobile) trail to the west. This section of trail is owned and maintained by the Township of McDougall.

    • Trail Head: Access from either the Nobel School just south of Avro Aero Blvd or from the McDougall Township office.
    • Amenities: None
    • Parking: In the former Tim Horton’s/Wendy’s parking lot adjacent to the McDougall Township office
    • Ideal Uses: Walking, Hiking, Cycling, ATV/UTV


    The Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail, known to the locals as the Fitness Trail, is a 5km manicured trail, that follows the Georgian Bay shoreline through the Town of Parry Sound.  This trail is heavily used by local residents and a great way to see some of the most spectacular views of both Parry Sound and Georgian Bay.  This section of trail is owned and maintained by the Town of Parry Sound.

    • Trail Head: Smelter’s Wharf (the Salt Docks), Waubuno Town Beach, Charles W. Stockey Centre, Champagne Street Dock.
    • Amenities: Washrooms available seasonally at the Town Dock and Beach, as well as during business hours at the Stockey Centre.
    • Parking: Parking is available at Smelter’s Wharf, Stockey Centre and Champagne Street.
    • Ideal Uses: Walking, Cycling (ATVs and UTVs are not permitted on the trails or roads in Parry Sound)


    A 8km trail that follows the final segment of J.R. Booth’s railroad. This historic route connects Rose Point, where a bridge passes over to Wasauksing First Nation and Depot Harbour, the terminus for the railroad, to Forest Hill, adjacent to Oastler Provincial Park. This trail, which saw a major overhaul in 2010/2011 is a great location to spot turtles in the many wetlands that line the trail.  This section of trail is owned by Seguin Township and managed by the Park to Park Trail Association.

    • Trail Head: Rose Point, James Bay Junction Road, Cargill Road, Forest Hill.
    • Amenities: Food and drinks available at Forest Hill Variety at the corner of Oastler Park Dr and James Bay Junction
    • Parking: The Rose Point, James Bay Junction and Forest Hill trail heads all have small parking areas, 3-5 cars without trailers, while Cargill Road has a large parking area that will fit 20+ vehicles including trailers.  Access the Cargill road parking area to the west of Oastler Park Drive across from Kropf Industrial on Cargill Road.
    • Ideal Uses: Walking, Hiking, Cycling, ATV/UTV