Currently we are working on many projects that will improve the trail experience for all our users.

Rose Point Trail Project

extending the Rose Point Trail

We are working closely with Rotary and Seguin Township to connect the end of the Algonquin Regement Fitness Trail with the start of the Rose Point Trail.  This link, which would measure around 5km, will move this section off the road and provide greater safety for hikers and cyclists, and provide a link to the south end of Parry Sound for ATV/SXS riders. 

Increasing Distance for MOtorized Users

Currently, there are several large sections of the trail that are off-limits to motorized users.  We are working on providing a way for our motorized users to go end to end.  This may take several years to complete, but we are eager to make it work.

Updating Signage

As the managed trail enters its second decade, the original square Park to Park signs have become completely unreadable.  We are working on replacing all these signs and making sure they match up to our map, so that you can use them to find your location or way, should your GPS fail you.