FAMILY Trail Pass *Only Available Online

FAMILY Trail Pass *Only Available Online


Annual | $300

**Only Available Online**

This pass is for up to 4 vehicles registered/riders living at the same address. Please note proof will be asked for.

Just one rider at your house?  Check out our new TRAIL PASS!

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Maintaining and upgrading the Park to Park Trails is a costly task. Passes help support trail infrastructure and are required along the entire trail route maintained by the Park to Park Trail Association.

Motorized users of the trail are required to purchase passes. Horseback riders, dogsledders, cyclists, walkers and joggers pay no fee but donations are always welcomed.  Snowmobilers pay through their OFSC permits.

Important Trail Pass Facts:

  • Annual Trail Passes are good for 12 months from date of issue.
  • Trail Passes are issued to the person, but can be used on any machine that person owns, by anyone authorized by the pass holder to use it. So, if you own two machines, but only ride one at a time, or have multiple users of one machine, you'll only need one pass. However, your two machines cannot be operated at the same time on the trail without two passes.
  • NEW! If you have multiple riders in a single family, please review our new FAMILY PASS!
  • Season Pass purchases receive a sticker that may be attached to a machine, your paper pass becomes invalid upon receipt of sticker pass. Daily and weekly passes receive a paper pass only.
  • All pass holders must sign conditions of sale before passes will be issued.
  • Special Event Passes are required for organized events; please contact our office for more information.
  • ATV/UTV/Trail Bike use on the trail is seasonal from April 1st to November 30th, opening date may be delayed to after April 1st if trail conditions are not suitable for ATV travel. Snowmobiles use the trail from December 1st to March 31st.
  • ONLY the Park to Park Trail Association’s “Trail Pass” is acceptable on our Trail System.