Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers, like you, are the engine that keeps Park to Park running.  

Whether you are interested in helping at events, or want to serve on the board, or just want to do your part to keep the trail tidy, or all of the above we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Trail Ambassadors

We are looking for volunteers to help patrol the trail and promote its safe use. If you are out riding or walking anyways, all you need to do is wear our safety vest and engage riders and users along the way, or set up a check point and engage them there.

Duties involve ensuring that motorized users have a valid trail pass, as well as giving advice on trail use, services and sights to see to all users.

Trail Maintenance

Occasionally we are looking for individuals, groups or families to help with minor trail repairs or maintenance. This would involve such things as trash pick up, tree removals, brush trimming, etc. 

Special Events

We have several events during the year that we either organize or join with other user groups to promote the use of the trail. Things like our annual Do it for Dads ATV Ride of Hope in support of Prostate Cancer research and others. We need volunteers to help with organizing the events, manning booths or checkpoints on the day of etc.

Board of Directors

Can you contribute 2 hours every other month to share your experience and expertise with us? The more involvement we have from every user group, municipality or private individual, the better the chance of us improving the experience of using this amazing trail system. 

Community Awareness

Help Spread The Word!Can you, or your personal and professional contacts, help us get the word out? Know someone in the media business that would write a story or do a Public Service Announcement? Would your road, lake or cottage association help us spread the word at their meetings, in their newsletters, or by email? 

If you have more questions or just want to get more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator – Steve Jemmett at 705-346-0811, or the office, toll free at 1-888-587-3762